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Support Services and Data Privacy


  • House-on-the-Hill Software Ltd has achieved ISO27001:2013 UKAS certification.
  • House-on-the-Hill Software Ltd has also attained certification for Cyber Essentials.

Data Privacy

For hosted and on-site systems, we are committed to keeping your data secure. We will not, at any time, divulge your data to any other parties. If we send any data or documentation to you that is considered to contain information of a sensitive nature we will send this in password protected zip file followed by the password.

Your Personal Data

  • To communicate with you to provide support services we record your name, email address and possibly a telephone number. Please tell us if there are others that should be added.
  • We will not send this information to any other party without your consent.
  • Please tell us if you would like to receive news bulletins about our products and services or click here to register yourself.
  • We will keep this information until you no longer require our services, or you ask us to remove it.

Support Services for On-Site Systems

Database Request

We may at times request a backup of the HotH database to assist with support or configuration. We will send this as a request through our customer support system and ask that the backup is password protected in a zip file and then attached to the support ticket. We will only retain your database for the period that support is required. If the zip file is too large to attach then please contact us to discuss alternatives.

Data Request

In a similar practice to the database request we may at times request trace files, exports or other data. Similar security and procedures are in place for these requests.

Remote Support Request

House-on-the-Hill uses Bomgar as a remote support tool. Requests for a remote support session will be sent through our customer support system and will outline security considerations.

Support Services for Hosted Systems

Accessing your System

We will always ask your permission before logging into your system to provide support services.

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