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Installation Prerequisites - Product Documentation

Installation Prerequisites


This document aims to provide a broad outline to the prerequisites for the installation of HotH and to provide some visibility of any existing project milestone dates that may be in place. It is aimed at the most common installations that HotH are asked to carry out and may not be applicable for all cases.

If your installation does not fit into the scenario described below and you have further questions please contact us at

In conjunction with the document it is recommended that the minimum System Requirements document is also read at:

HotH System Requirements – Product Documentation

Once information about the installation has been collated we would ask that the installation checklist be filled in at:

Setup Task List – Product Documentation

Project Milestones

We understand that the implementation of HotH may already be subject to internal Project milestone dates. These may have been discussed during the sales process but for clarity we would ask that as well as providing information about the infrastructure you also advise us if you have target dates for the following:

  • Software Installation.
  • Configuration completion. (Please describe the scope of configuration or any phasing that may be in place)
  • Completion of testing.
  • Go live for manual ticket logging.
  • Go live for Self Service ticket logging. ( If applicable)

Installation Type

The most common type of installation is for HotH to be installed on one machine that is serving as Application, Web and Database Server, on a Microsoft platform with SQL Server as the Database.

HotH can however be split across multiple servers if the projected load or resident environment favours this. Options available are:

  1. Application and Web on machine 1. Database on machine 2.
  2. Application on machine 1. Database on machine 2. Web Server on machine 3.
  3. If an external Web interface is to be installed this can be installed on a separate machine within the DMZ and with database-only connection made from this machine to the Database Server. The default port for this is 1433 which will need opening.


For any of the above scenarios:

  1. SQL Server must be installed in mixed authentication mode (Windows and SQL Server Authentication). HotH uses 1 SQL account for all database connections. The sa password should be available.
  2. It would be helpful if IIS is already installed. If installing on Windows 2008+, it would also help to have the IIS Role already installed prior to the installation.
  3. Will there be sufficient permissions for us to add the IUSR account to the permissions list of the HotH folder (in order for the Web client to work)?
  4. HotH will need a user account with Administrator rights on any machine being worked on. For the application server and web server we will need the ability to change folder level permissions and install software.
  5. If SQL Data and Logs have specific storage areas please have these documented.
  6. The creation of SQL Backups and Application backups are the responsibility of the customer.

Considerations with Optional Modules purchased:


Please read the Technical Setup Guides for Email Send and Email Read options here.

The preferred and easiest installation option is that mail is sent using SMTP and read from a POP-enabled mailbox, alternatively HotH can integrate with MAPI, or IMAP. Please discuss this internally prior to installation. If using SMTP to send mail please ensure there are adequate Relay permissions on the SMTP Server to send mail from the HotH machine. Please be aware also that some AV software can stop HotH sending mail.


The HotH machine must be able to connect to an LDAP server. We will require an account and password that has read rights. Please advise us prior to the visit if there are more than 1000 user entries in the AD structure.

Auditing Tool

Are there sufficient permissions on the network so that all clients will have read/write permissions to the server in order to use HotH? It is essential that these permissions are configured in order to run the auditing successfully.

Self Service/WebServer

In order to use the HotH WebServer client you will need to run a web browser that has a version that is greater than Internet Explorer 7 (and preferably IE 9 or later).

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