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‘In the Loop’

Follow Tickets even when you are not assigned.

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In the Loop

Keep your customers ‘In the Loop’ on ticket activity

Keep users notified of ticket updates even when they are not actively assigned to the call, send email updates to users as and when needed.
in the loop


Choose who you keep in the loop

You can add users to be kept ‘In the Loop’ on ticket updates, and take them away when they no longer are required.

Mail Templates

Choose email templates ‘In the Loop’ subscribers should be attached to

Using ‘In the Loop’ in conjunction with email template config gives you good flexibility. Choose whether subscribers need to be Cc’d or Bcc’d on different notifications. This feature is particularly useful if you need to keep external users updated on a one-time basis. Adding the component to your form allows you to see a quick overview of who has been marked as ‘In the Loop’. Giving you a visual reminder of who has previously been added.