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Fields & Extra Fields

By default, all fields have standard names. You can remove, add or even change field names to reflect your company’s terminology. Use Fields to configure many of the fields in HotH. You can tailor how a field appears on forms, HTML output or reports.

HotH has many standard fields against which data is stored for each type of record (Ticket, Task, Customer and so on). Each is listed in Fields with a name and full definition of the field.

In addition, you can define Extra Fields to record further information. You can determine the characteristics of each field and how and where it is to be used.

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Fields is where you can create new Dictionaries for Folders and make alterations to field names, mandatory settings and field positioning. Multiple Dictionaries are enabled as part of the Enterprise edition. Fields can be accessed via the Settings Cog > Fields:

To create a new Dictionary, you can save a copy of a Dictionary and rename it to suit. We recommended having the <Default> selected in the Dictionary drop-down, and then to make a new Dictionary, click Save Dictionary:

You’ll then be prompted to rename the new dictionary:

Creating this new dictionary means that you can have different field names and settings for your Ticket and Request folders.

If you wish to change the name of a field, select the appropriate Dictionary from the Dictionary drop-down then find the field reference in the Field section:

then in the Prompt field, enter the new name.

For instance, if you wanted to rename the Subject field on the Problem record, select Problem DD from the Dictionary drop-down, and in the Prompt field, enter the new name: Problem.

It is possible to search for a particular field within the Data Dictionary, simply type in your required field and a drop-down menu will appear for you to choose from:

Field Form

Extra Fields

By their nature, Forms work with the fields that are available on the respective tables in the HotH database.  These fields are shown on the grid to the right of the Form development area:

However, it may be that the Form needs to contain fields which are not represented. In this case there are two options:

  1. Where possible, try make use of fields that are available on the native table but are unused in the normal ticket screen. For example, on the Ticket table there are several spare text, date and time fields that can be renamed and used.
  2. If all spare fields are already being used, then Extra Fields can be created for the table to which the Form is associated.

Extra Fields Form

To create an extra field go to the Settings Cog > Extra Fields:

Upon clicking Extra Fields you are greeted with the Extra Fields form ready for editing to suit:

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