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Skype for Business

The Skype for Business add-on enables Agents to initiate Skype calls directly from HotH.

Here is an overview of the requirements and functionality of the feature:

  1. You will need Skype for Business installed on the client machine that will run the HotH WebServer client. Make sure you are logged in successfully.
  2. The feature is in the form of an icon shown next to phone number field on the user details screen. It will look something like this:phone number field
  3. A prerequisite for this add on to work is that you need to set a flag in your HotH WebServer ini file to use Skype for Business. To do this you will need to do the following:
    • Open Windows Explorer.
    • Navigate to your HotH installation folder.
    • Open the “suppdesk.ini” file in Notepad.
    • Scroll down and locate the “[WebServer]” section. Under here you will need to locate the “Telephony” flag. If this does not exist, then you will need to enter it into the ini file.
    • Set the “Telephony” flag to “y”. It should look something like this:
    • telephony txt file
    • Click on Save and Exit Notepad.
    • You may be required to run an IISRESET in order for this value to be registered.
  4. After clicking on the icon next to the phone field, it will open up a call dialog screen from within Skype for Business with the number that you wish to dial.

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