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System Access & Logins

There may be different options as to how users access the system, but in most cases we’ll provide you with a system URL to log in via a login and password:

The password for all users will be the system default password initially which will require updating upon logging in:

You’ll first be presented the home dashboard, where if you can hover over the top right login icon and select Change Password.

Enter the system default password in the Old Password field and then update the New Password fields and click OK:

HotH also supports options for Single Sign On (SSO) which is available for both on-site and hosted solutions.

For on-site systems, it is worth considering whether the software is to be accessible by customers outside the domain. If this is a requirement then this will have an impact on how the system is installed.


You will need to make decisions about the different logins you require as different types of login command varying privilege levels.

Navigate to the Settings Cog > Logins & Teams to see the Login Summary:

Supervisor logins are configured as per your requirements within the Settings Cog > Logins & Teams:

WebGuest logins can be created directly from Active Directory.

Resource Allocations is a means of recording where your company’s expertise lie and are also accessible via the Logins & Teams page:


For more information, see Logins Resource Allocations 

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