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We're looking to deliver modern ITIL driven IT Service Management? House-on-the-Hill ITSM, is a versatile service desk to help you deliver great IT support, self-service tools & all styled to reflect your business. Learn more...

We require a more feature rich Customer Service platform what do you recommend? House-on-the-Hill CSM, provide Self-Service Portals, Chat, Knowledgebase, Email Marketing & CRM. Learn more...

Can House-on-the-Hill help to modernise facilities management? House-on-the-Hill CAFM can provide you with all the tools to help you manage facilities management all under one roof. Work Requests, Invoices, Engineer Mobile Apps, Help Desk. That's just the start. Learn more...

Help! How do we manage the flood of public information through letters, emails & phone calls? House-on-the-Hill Case & Complaints guides these requests through Public Facing Portals, Disclosure Logs and Email Request Creation. Learn more...

We listen.

This is why House-on-the-Hill has been helping businesses for over 25 years. Our relationship with our customers is what we care most about. Your feedback helps us innovate our service.

OK, some quick questions.

  • In the Cloud? Yes, Hosted in the UK on Microsoft Azure
  • or On-Site? We can deploy on your servers
  • Can everyone access anywhere, even on mobile? Fully customizable web app comes as standard
  • Self-Service Portal? A powerful brandable portal which drives Change Request, Self-Service and Knowledge Articles
  • How much does an end user cost? Nothing, nada, nout, diddly-squat... zilch
  • Can I transfer my old data? Yes, any data can be imported by us or you
  • Create tickets from an email Create new tickets and append notes to existing tickets or set up a Mailroom and you decide with a click!
  • Can I make it have my company colours? Sure can, Theme Designer comes out-of-the-box
  • Do you have Chat!? Deploy House-on-the-Hill Chat onto your Website and support on the frontline
  • Hmmm can you run reports? 100s of reports, create custom ones and schedule via email. Drive dynamic KPIs for the whole team to see on a Wallboard
  • Where do I have a go? Click here to Start using House-on-the-Hill
  • Can I have a web demo? We would love to show you around 🙂 Drop us an email at

This is the just tip of the iceberg
Why not find out more about what it can do for you and your company. Chat to us in the bottom right corner of this page or drop an email to