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Efficiently Manage Facilities, Track Work Orders and Plan Maintenance

HotH FM provides organisations with a scalable Facilities Management helpdesk to enable the pro-active monitoring of work orders, assets and job times. The software is available in the Cloud or to implement On-Site, and with HotH Mobile, Engineers can be kept in-the-loop when working away from the office at customer sites.

A Clear View: FM Forms, Dashboards and Calendars

Whether used for internal Facilities Management or by outsourced FM organisations, HotH FM enables optimum productivity by keeping facilities well-maintained and safe.

Ticket Forms can be created using the Drag and Drop Forms Designer, enabling the speedy logging of all FM Job Types, and ensuring accurate data capture.

With the Drag and Drop Dashboard Designer, personalised profile pages offer an instant overview of performance to FM teams.

Work Request queues can be viewed in a Calendar format, with Fix Dates for jobs highlighted in drill-down blocks.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

HotH FM’s Planned Preventative Maintenance function enables the scheduling of repeat maintenance jobs.

This function works in conjunction with HotH QuickCall Templates. By creating templates for PPM jobs, each repeat job can be scheduled accordingly, with the ability to set the Repeat Rate, Start and Stop Dates, the day of the week that the job needs to be completed, and even the Time of day. Compulsory Tasks can also be added to templates, such as recording “Materials Used”.

Once created, PPM jobs and their Fix Times appear in the PPM Calendar. PPM Calendars can be organised by Customer, Inventory or Login and Automatic Notifications of scheduled jobs can be sent to Assignees, Customers and Managers.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

For pro-active performance monitoring, the KPI Monitor offers a real-time overview of Key Performance Indicators, such as the Average Age of Work Requests by Assignee, or if SLAs have been met.

HotH FM’s QuickReport Designer enables all areas of the Facilities Management process to be analysed, so that services can be continually improved, and financial savings can be made.

Timesheets, Expenses, and Resource Booking


With HotH FM, it is possible to create Timesheets for jobs and projects, and log these against specific customers. Timesheet Forms record associated costs, including rates per hour, VAT costs and can specify currency. Timesheets can then be viewed with projects in a calendar. The recording of Total Hours Spent enables the automatic calculation of billable hours.


Manage Expenses within a dedicated folder using HotH FM. Custom Expense Forms record all Expense details, including who has Raised the Expense and when, and who it has been Approved By. If the Expense is related to specific projects or contracts this can also be listed on the form, with charges and costs being automatically calculated to include or exclude VAT. Expense Forms can be saved as Drafts when the Expense is pending submission.

Resource Booking

HotH FM’s Resource Booking function creates  booking calendars, listing which asset has been reserved and when to avoid booking clashes.

Unique Booking Forms can be created for each booking type, and Calendars display the block of time in which the resource is required.

HotH Mobile

HotH’s mobile service desk allows engineers to access the work queue and to log, update and escalate work orders while working on customer sites.

Touch-screen signature capture enables calls to be signed-off by       Customers on the spot, and Photos can be added to jobs to display when damaged facilities have been repaired.

The helpdesk can therefore be mobilised, and Customers can be     provided with the highest level of service by ensuring that SLA targets are met, even when engineers are on the move.

HotH FM: Core Features

Listed in the table below are some of the core features of HotH FM. If you are viewing this document in a browser, you can click on the feature names to be taken to a web page overview.

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