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Forms & Dashboards

HotH offers tremendous flexibility in the design of Ticket Forms and Dashboards using the HouseForm designer.

To view your systems various Forms & Dashboards navigate to the Settings Cog > Forms & Dashboards.


Folder or process specific forms can be created with different defaults for the support team and end customers. Forms may also be built for specific requests such as “New Starter” or “Equipment Request” and the Extra Fields feature can be used to add specific data fields to these forms.

Tip: Use Fields & Extra Fields to rename fields on forms as per your requirements. You can also make fields Mandatory, add drop-down selections etc.

Example of a New Starter form built with HotH’s form designer:

new starter request form

Configuration typically starts with the default form for the main process and extend onward from that.

For more information, see Forms.


Dashboard Forms provide the functionality to personalise “landing” screens for HotH users. So that, upon logging in, users have a dashboard that has been associated with either their role (e.g. Support Staff or Customer Guest) or their individual login record.

supervisor dashboard

For more information, see Dashboards.

Self-Service Portal

The Self-Service Portal provides supported customers with the ability to log their own Tickets/Requests and then monitor the progress of those Tickets and add further notes.

If you intend to give your customers access to the system via the Self-Service Portal, then thought has to be given to the data they should see and available options. It is always best to provide a simple and self-explanatory dashboard. If you can engage your customers to use the Self-Service Portal, then this takes some of the load off the support team.

For more information, see Self-Service Portal.

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