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Service Portfolio Management

Provide operational status updates of services to subscribers.

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Service Portfolio Management

Update subscribed customers as to the operational status of services and log calls

Services may include the provision of email accounts, specialised software packages or internet access etc. You can maintain the operational status of these Services so that their status is available to all subscribed Customers.
update subscribed customers

Add Customers as Subscribers

You can add Customers as Subscribers to individual Services by selecting from a dropdown list, or you can add Organisations, Departments, or your entire Customer Base. Adding Customers as Subscribers to Services then enables you to provide the relevant updates to relevant parties.

Service Updates

If added as a subscriber to a Service by virtue of their Department or name, the Operational Status of that Service will be displayed on the Service Updates panel on the Customer’s self service portal profile. Service managers can enter News about the service, so that Customers can find out more if Services are Offline or Impacted.

Drill-Down Service Updates

Log tickets directly

Drill-Down Service Updates enable Customers to click on listed Services, and log a ticket directly from this section of the Self Service Portal.

A list of subscribed Services can also be available on the Customer ticket logging form. You can also specify Products or Inventory Items that are associated with a Service, so that hierarchical dropdown selections can be displayed on the call screen.

Key Features

Provide operational status updates of services to subscribers

Subscribe individual Customers, Departments or Organisations to services

Display the operational statuses of services that Customers subscribe to on their individual Portal login page

Associate inventory items with individual services

Log helpdesk Incidents, Requests, Problems, Changes etc. against Services and Inventory Items