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Self-Service Portal

Allow your customers to log their own issues.

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Self Service Portal

Enable your Customers to log and track their own tickets

Allow customers to submit and track their own calls, search useful FAQs and view news and updates. It is simple to personalise the self service portal using House-on-the-Hill’s Drag n Drop Dashboard Designer, to create a look and feel that works for your Customers. This can include adding individual company logos and colours, images, User profile pictures and much more.
self service portal

Multi-Language support

Log and track tickets from anywhere

Customers across the globe can be supported in their own language, which is automatically recognised when logging in to their self service portal profile.
The self service portal is an integral part of modern business helpdesks, as customers are able to submit Incidents and Requests at any time. The web-based call logging system also takes the pressure off phone-lines, removing the necessity for Customers to be placed on hold while waiting to speak to service desk agents.

Unique Forms

Create unique Forms for all types of Customer ticket

Using QuickCall templates, multiple call types can be submitted by Customers by simply selecting the ticket type from a dropdown. House-on-the-Hill’s Drag n Drop Call Forms designer means that unique, attractive forms can be created for all call types.


Allow Customers to see how their tickets progress

Customers can view the Status of their outstanding tickets, and see their logged call history. Offer your customers as much transparency as you want with colour-coded logged call history views.


Heighten communication between Customer and Service Desk Agent

The self service portal can be used to heighten communication between Customer and Service Desk Agent, with the ability to communicate directly with engineers working on issues via Live Chat and Call Notes.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction can be continually monitored and improved using the portal, as Customer Feedback Surveys can be submitted:
KnowledgeBase articles and FAQs can be voted on and call acknowledgements and updates can be automatically sent to customers at pre-determined call milestones.