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Let HotH keep your service in shape.

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As well as the already impressive features that come out-of-the-box you also get to take advantage of the continual service enhancement from the HotH team

This service subscription focuses on day-to-day improvements, streamlining, workflow and general service maintenance. HotH keeps your service in shape and You focus on shaping great service experiences for your users.


What do you get:

Access to a HotH Technical Advisors who will help deliver consistency across across your delivery platform and plan roadmaps to optimise your HotH Solution. This professional service deploys a hands-on approach to configuration, solution design and advisory consultation services for deploying new processes, data migration, custom applications, and extending your HotH’s capabilities.

User Configuration
We maintain the user base and control access rights, logins and permissions, along with onboarding and exiting for new users, new licenses, and staff changes.


Category Maintenance
Once the system is up and running, we handle the management of new categories, changes to workflows, and archiving of unwanted categories that have become obsolete with time or simply no longer used. 

Mail configuration
If you provide the wording and instance when you would like certain emails to be triggered, we can advise the best way to implement this and format up the emails for you.


Data archiving and redaction
It is essential that personal data is not retained beyond the justifiable time span so we can set up automatic archiving and redaction processes based on the timescales you dictate. These will be checked on a regular basis to ensure compliance.


Report Production
As part of the initial consultancy customers usually have most of the reports they need but new demands arise for all sorts of reasons. If you tell us what is required, we can work with you to produce the data you need in the most appropriate format. We limit the number of reports to 6 per year but there is always the option to develop more through paid consultancy.


Dashboard Production
Like the reports we aim to prepare a new system ready to go but things change, and the flexibility of the Dashboard Builder allows users to be presented with exactly the data they need to do their job effectively.  Tell us what you would like to see, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.


Improved security by having no local supervisor access
One of the many benefits of the Managed Service Add on is that there will be no Supervisor access available. This means no accidental configuration changes, mail amendments, weak passwords etc. The responsibility for all these things lies with us.


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