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Making our house your organisation's digital home

House-on-the-Hill helps you exceed your customer's expectations. How? By becoming a strategic partner that strives to achieve a super-charged service that improves the way your team's work and delivers desired outcomes, fast.

Enterprise Out-the-Box

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Multiple shared services housed within a single touchpoint

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Transparent reporting across all departments

Fast, simple & recorded communication

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Our ESM objectives

  • Customer Value at the Core

    The main objective of House-on-the-Hill is to improve customer experience by providing a service that is easily accessible and delivers desired outcomes efficiently. Continual iterative feedback and reporting, keeps the service fresh and adaptable to changes in the service environment

  • Control, Governance & Accountability

    Full organisational audit within the solution to track who did what and importantly, who didn’t do what! Reports pinpoint workload inefficiencies, bottlenecks and risks

  • Improved transparency & Decision making

    Management can now attain a great understanding of what has been achieved and what hasn’t. Where is the value being generated or lost and how to communicate that with all stakeholders and make decisions to maximise or improve

  • Orchestration of Services

    With HotH’s flexible process and workflow designer, new services can be released. retired and managed as per the customers' requirements. All the expertise is managed under one roof so service and technical knowledge is not siloed or potentially lost

  • Consistent Quality and Standardisation

    A fit-for-purpose ESM solution ensures issues and requests do not slip through the net and are correctly and efficiently processed in accordance with agreed service levels. Bottlenecks and lost emails have become a thing of the past. ESM provides a platform for setting organisational standards, service models, look & feel and common ways of working

  • Workload Reduction

    By promoting self-help, employees can find solutions via portals and bots. Reducing phone calls, emails, chats and walk-ups to the equivalent service desks. Freeing teams to focus on valuable tasks to continually improve their service delivery

  • Reinvestment

    Cost and time saving benefits allow organisations to reinvest budgets, assets and teams effectively to promote a lean & sustainable future where resources are allocated accordingly

  • Communication and Collaboration

    Work can be shared easily between Teams and departments, with all communications conducted centrally and saved for auditing and accountability