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Manage Core ITSM Processes With This Intuitive & Feature-Rich Tool

HotH ITSM provides organisations with a scalable IT Service Management system, enabling pro-active process management and IT support. HotH ITSM can be tailored to the exact requirements of organisations, no matter how diverse the business, and can be easily evolved as requirements develop.

Ticket Management

Give Customers & Analysts a Clear View

With personal profiles and unique access privileges for Analysts, Engineers and  Managers, HotH’s Ticket Management functionality allows for the speedy resolution of issues, whether these are logged via phone, email or directly by Customers through the self-service portal.

Intuitive Ticket Logging

Multiple tier categorisations enable accurate classification of Ticket by Analysts. An Impact and Urgency matrix, in which selection automatically generates a Priority, is also a means of quickly classifying the Ticket in terms of how quickly the issue needs to be resolved. Priorities operate in conjunction with Service Level Agreements and automatically populate Response, Warning and Action times.

Automation and Performance Monitoring

Incidents can be progressed through a pre-defined status workflow, and routed to appropriate Assignees. Automatic emails alert Assignees, Managers, Customers and other required parties of logged Incidents, escalations and SLA breaches, with the ability to send updates at pre-determined life-cycle milestones, such as change of Assignee or Incident Resolution.

For pro-active performance monitoring, the KPI Monitor offers a real-time overview of service desk statistics, and HotH’s QuickReport Designer enables all areas of the Incident Management process to be analysed for continual service improvement. Dashboards and forms can be customised using HotH’s Drag n Drop Dashboard and Forms Designers.

Request Fulfilment

Streamlined Request Management

The Request Fulfilment process can either be managed completely individually, or combined with Incident Management.

HotH’s QuickCall facility means that a bank of templates can be created in which required data is prepopulated. This can be a time saving device, for instance, if there are frequent password reset requests, or requests for new starters etc.

QuickCalls can then be associated with specially designed Request forms and buttons, and made available to Customers via the web Self-Service Portal.

Problem Management

Control the Problem Process

HotH streamlines the progression of Problems from Unknown to Known Error, with record linking functionality enabling related Incidents and Changes to be linked to Problems. En-masse closure of linked    records means that once the underlying Problem has been discovered, a solution can be automatically copied to related records.

HotH’s intuitive KnowledgeBase facility with automatic Case Based Reasoning and Keyword search, can be used for the storage of Known Errors and Root Causes. There is the option to add solutions to the KnowledgeBase directly from Problem Records.

Change Management

Automated, Paperless Change Authorisation

Unique workflows for multiple Change Models can be configured to meet the needs of your Change process, with sub-tasks and voting requests being triggered automatically at pre-determined Stages.

The ability to cast votes against Changes can be an important part of the Change Management process, and with HotH’s automated Change Authorisation functionality, this can be made completely paperless and streamlined.

The Change Authoriser is prompted to enter a Yes or No vote for the Change, and the outcome of votes automatically progresses the Change onto the next stage.

HotH ITSM: Core Features

Listed below are some of the core features of HotH ITSM. If you are viewing this document in a browser, you can click on the feature names to be taken to a web page overview.

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