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Evolution of Remote Customer Service Desk: Post-2020 Transformation

Since 2020 the traditional models of customer service desks have evolved significantly. In this article, we delve into the shifts

Choosing a Customer Service Desk Software

Choosing Customer Service Desk Software: A Guide for Businesses 

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, exceptional customer service is a cornerstone of success. As customer expectations continue to rise, selecting

Customer Service boosted, in 11 ways

At House-on-the-Hill, we provide a software solution to boost your customer service and help your team work better to achieve

Nurturing the Future of Tech: HotH speaks at Northcoders

In our recent encounter with junior developers at Northcoders, a developer boot camp in Manchester, we had the privilege of


Enterprise Service Management – How to improve alliance amongst departments  

The digital transformation for many businesses were accelerated during the COVID pandemic, with support teams struggling to manage the new

Winter Charities 2022

Winter Charities 2022 After a difficult year for many, we acknowledge how fortunate we are as a company to fulfil

Introducing Discovery Control

Our first venture with Waterford Technologies: DiscoveryControl. A new refined Request & Case Management Solution.

Why you should be getting ready for HotH the Cloud 

HotH in the Cloud  ☁️ 2020 will go down in history as the year most companies had to transform their

Success at SITS 2022

It was great to meet you, SITS 2022! Our team had a fantastic time at SITS 2022. Thank you to