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Lansweeper Integration

Hook up Lansweeper and start hoovering up your assets into HotH!

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Increase the visibility of your network, reduce the cost of IT operations & take control of technology assets with House-on-the-Hill’s Lansweeper integration

Integration Benefits

Seamless integration into the House-on-the-Hill range of helpdesk software

Start reducing costs immediately

Enjoy complete inventory & asset management

Detailed knowledge of your company’s hardware and software assets

Raise Calls against specific assets identified by Lansweeper

Lansweeper Key Features

Determine and manage all software on the network – even those outside the firewall

Scan for known and unknown applications across your entire network

Support anybody on your network from any computer with browser-based support

Rapidly provision and configure new PCs from a ‘bare-metal’ state remotely

Distribute large software packages with minimal bandwidth

Redirect screen output and use boot redirection to repair non-responsive systems

Easily select targets with a task scheduler that integrates with director