Logins identify users of HotH and specify allowed actions. Initially, there is one login with unrestricted access and you need to create others and determine what they can do. End customers who are permitted to access their own records using the WebServer can be allocated a Web Guest login via their customer or contact record.

If you are importing your Logins via CSV load, please consult the Importing Logins Guide. If you are adding them manually, please follow the guidelines below:

The Supervisor is responsible for the set-up and maintenance of login details. The privilege you assign to a login determines the functions that the login may perform within HotH. Several logins can have Supervisor status, allowing each one the full range of functions and responsibilities.

In the Windows application, you can list login records at the Main window by clicking on Logins from within System Management at the Explorer panel. In the Web, Logins are accessed via the Settings Cog  drop-down. Double-click any record to view the login details, or click the “Add New Login add button” button to create a new record. Here you will see a number of different tabs used to customise login privileges:Logins details tab

You can choose to create logins, open or delete selected records, clear logins that are locked or print and publish summaries.

You can create any number of logins with a privilege of Engineer. These logins cannot access HotH but Tickets may be assigned to them. The software licence determines the number of logins that you are able to create which are able to access the system. You may have a mixture of named and concurrent licenses.

Click the Copy to New Login button to create a user with the same details as the current one. You will need to enter a name, security information and other individual details.

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