Organisations, Customers & Contacts

HotH is used to support your customers. In a customer support environment, customers will be your client base.

In an IT Support environment, your customers will be individual internal users and usually loaded through LDAP Integrator.


For more complex systems, HotH can support 3 tiers of customer data. At the highest level this would be Organisation, underneath which there may be many Customers and then Contacts (which can be associated to either the Organisation or the Customer):

customer data hierarchy

To mark a customer as an organisation, in the Customer record select Org in the Level field:

customer level: org

For more information, see Your Company.


To view your customers navigate to Your Company > Customers:

Customers and contacts can be added manually or by importing as CSV files

For more information, see Importing and Exporting.

Example of a Customer record:


For customer support you may also want to record individual contacts. Go to Your Company > Contacts to view the summary of contacts, which can be set up independently or linked to a specific customer.

To link a contact to a customer, in the Contact record, simply select the appropriate Customer as shown below:


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