QuickTickets are ticket templates which are useful for logging frequent or repeat ticket types. Create QuickTicket templates with pre-populated data, or specific fields for accurate data capture. Use them to build up a portfolio of common tickets, providing swift ticket logging.

In conjunction with HouseForms, it is possible to associate forms with QuickTickets for logging specialist issues such as a ‘New Starter’ or ‘Equipment Requests’.

Refer to the Forms Guide for further information on creating Forms.

Creating QuickTicket Templates

Supervisor logins can create QuickTickets (can also be called Service Requests) for multiple service desk processes.

To do this, firstly select the process from the drop-down in the toolbar, for example, the Tickets folder:

tickets dropdown menu

Then from within the Tickets folder, expand the Summary Options drop-down, and select QuickTicket:

By selecting QuickTicket, you will be presented with a list of existing Quicktickets for that folder.

To create a new QuickTicket, select the “Add New QuickTicket” buttonadd button.

A QuickTicket screen will then appear, from which to build the template.

If there are already populated fields on the template when it is created, this means that there are New Ticket Defaults set on the Folder itself. These New Ticket Defaults can be managed via the Settings Cog settings cog> Folders:

For information on Folders click here.

Supervisors can begin to build the QuickTicket by completing fields that are standard when this type of Ticket is logged. For example, if an IT Request is always assigned to Roy in the IT Department with a ‘MinorSLA, then this can be set on the QuickTicket so that when an IT Request is logged, the ticket is automatically populated with these details.

The name of the QuickTicket in the Summary field is how the ticket will be displayed from within the QuickTicket drop-down menu.

Associate Forms with QuickTickets

If a specific Form has been created in the Forms Designer, this too can be associated with the QuickTicket by selecting it in the Form drop-down:quickcall associate forms

Make QuickTickets visible to End-Users

If the Internal tick-box is selected, then the QuickTicket will be hidden from End-Users. When deselected the QuickTicket will appear in the QuickTicket drop-down:

internal quickcall

Add Tasks to QuickTickets

There is also the ability to add Tasks/Activities to QuickTickets to be auto generated when a ticket is logged using a QuickTicket template.

This can be done by using the New Task button at the bottom of the screen when creating the QuickTicket. Once saved, the logging of this type of ticket using this template will auto-generate these Tasks:

When complete, click OK to save the QuickTicket.

Logging QuickTickets by Service Desk Agents


Once QuickTickets have been created, Service Desk Agents and End-Users (provided the QuickTickets are not set to Internal) will then be able to log tickets quickly using the templates.

For Agents, QuickTickets can be accessed and logged in a variety of ways.

From the Home Screen Dashboard

Clicking your company logo in the top left of the dashboard will direct you back to the Home Screen. Click the “Edit Dashboard” button to customise the appearance of your dashboard.

Drag the “System:QuickCalls” widget to the dashboard frame from the Components preset list allowing Agents to select QuickTickets from the dashboard drop-down.

Agents will only be able to log QuickTickets that are associated with folders or groups/teams they have access to:

From Within the Folder

When a Service Desk Agent is logging a ticket within a specific Folder, the QuickTickets drop-down at the top of the Summary screen will display only QuickTickets that are associated with that Folder:

From Within a Ticket

If when logging a standard ticket, the Service Desk Agent realizes that a QuickTicket template is required, the icon next to the Details field can be clicked:agent quickcall icon

And this will then generate a drop-down of the available QuickTickets in that particular Folder:

agent quickcall dropdown

Logging QuickTickets by End-Users

External QuickTickets can be displayed to End-Users via the Self-Service Portal. This is a useful way of offering multiple ticket types with unique forms in a list, so that End-Users simply need to pick the relevant ticket type in order to generate the correct ticket logging form:

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