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FOI, Case & Complaints Management Software

A popular fully paperless solution to aid your team with new requests logged by the public via the portal or by email. These cases can then be categorised into types and workflows such as FOI, Data Protection, Subject Access Requests, Complaints, Compliments, Information Governance and RoPA.

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Many UK Public and Private Organisations are making easy work of Case Management with intuitive workflow, reusable e-mail templates and automatic notification of approaching breaches.

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    Integration and training

  • ​House-on-the-Hill Case Management integrates with Microsoft 365. This will allow you to connect Outlook, Active Directory, Single Sign-On (SSO) and MS Teams to your case management system.

  • ​Have full confidence in our training, support and implementation from our ​BPSS checked HotH FOI Consultants.

  • ​Your team will requires little training as House-on-the-Hill is simple to pick up and put into use. All thanks to its intuitive workflows, simple form management and public data capture.

    Public request portal

  • Public ‘Request Submission’ Forms

    The Public ‘Request Submission’ Forms can be loaded on to your website to make freedom of information requests quick and easy. Not only is this easiest way to collect your FOI data, it is also the safest with Captcha Form Submission security​ protecting your forms from any unwanted surprises.

  • Internal Data Breach

    Allow staff to report lost or misdirected data to feed the Information Governance Process all within House-on-the-Hill.

  • Mail Automation

    Process and convert emails into to New Case Records with HotH mail automation. This seamless process allows your team more time to hit deadlines, SLAs and focus on the people that matter.

    Compliance and Consistency

  • Automatic Date Calculations

    Ensure compliance with government legislation and include Date recalculation after Clarification requests or waits for fees.​

  • Customisable Workflow

    Case stages/status codes can be added per Case Type to provide better visibility of Case lifecycles, stop the clock, and trigger emails.

  • Customisable Email

    Customisable Email and letter Templates​ that can be selected and sent as required or triggered by Case Stage codes.

  • Automatic Email

    Notification as Cases approach or exceed breach dates.

  • Customisable Deadlines

    On Case Types where you have defined your response times.

  • Exemption Codes

    Included in the system and grouped by Case Type​.

    Easier Case Management

  • Case Assignment

    ​Cases may be assigned to individuals or Teams.

  • Complete Audit Timeline

    ​Complete audit timeline is automatically created for each case, recording delegations, actions, changes to key data as and when it happens and who did it.

  • Customisable Dashboards

    ​Customisable dashboards for operators show them the data they need to see and offers short cuts to their key actions.

  • Customisable Email

    ​Customisable Email and letter Templates​ that can be selected and sent as required or triggered by Case Stage codes.

  • Previous Requests

    ​See the requestors previous cases direct from the Case Form.

    Extensive Reporting and Integration

  • Customisable Reporting

    ​Customisable reporting with a simple to use report writer that can produce graphical, Cross-Tab or summary reports.

  • Performance Dashboards

    ​Concentrate Similar reports into dedicated dashboards to reveal trends, problem areas, exceptions and key data.

  • Schedule reports

    ​Set key reports sent automatically when and to whom you decide.

    Disclosure Log

  • Disclosure Log

    ​Populate a branded public facing Disclosure Log with your completed cases. Managing a case can be lengthy, so save time for your team and prevent unnecessary requests by pro-actively allowing requestors to find the information they are looking for within the Disclosure log.

  • Search and Grouping

    ​Make it easy for the public to search the Disclosure Log for relevant cases by categorising and creating filters. You can also brand the Disclosure Log to maintain your organisation's branding and themes.

ISO certified, we take your data very seriously.

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