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Automate the processing of FOI, DPA, EIR, SAR, Information Governance & Complaints with House-on-the-Hill.

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House-on-the-Hill Case

House-on-the-Hill Case Request Management Software helps public sector organisations such as local governement, NHS, public services and councils to ensure that Freedom of Information requests are progressed in compliance with government legislation.

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Heighten Communication

Once the end user has submitted their request the system can email an automatic reply to them, or it can be initiated manually once the request is being processed.

Automatic Deadline Alerts

Deadline dates and Warning dates are automatically calculated based on deadline selections. House-on-the-Hill Case can issue alerts if the request goes beyond this warning date.

Link From Your Website

House-on-the-Hill Case Management allows you to add a link your website that will capture requests by the public.

Heighten Visualisation

Within House-on-the-Hill Case, logged requests show up on the dashboard indicators of request handlers.

House-on-the-Hill FOI On-Demand £30 Per agent per month

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