Your Company

The flexibility of HotH allows the terminology and the field names to be adjusted to reflect your working practices, but it does make it complicated when describing what you might see under ‘Your Company’.

For services that are supporting the business infrastructure (ie ITSM or corporate FM) then the Customers here will be your end users, and you are not likely to have entries for Organisation or Contacts. Your users are probably updated nightly via a sync with Active Directory.

If you provide Customer Service Support or other business to business support, the Customers will be your Clients and you may group into Organisations. The Contacts are the individuals that you communicate with.

Use Products to create a list of generic things that take care of. Inventory or Assets is a detailed list of the individual items that are covered by the support service and can reference the generic product list or be attributed to the parties supported.

Services delivered as part of IT Service Management. Users may subscribe to the service, which can also be defined to include a subset of the assets.

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