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Ticket Summary

This is the area of the software that you are likely to use most of all if you are regularly logging tickets. If you have multiple processes such as Tickets, Problems, Changes etc., you can have separate folders with unique work queues for these, and navigate between them using the Folder drop-down.

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Tickets Comments
closed call icon: web Closed Ticket
ticket recently updated icon: web Ticket recently updated by another person
ticket with attached file icon: web Ticket with attached file(s)
exceeded warning date icon: web Ticket has exceeded Warning Date (but not Action Date)
exceeded action date: web Ticket has exceeded Action Date
ticket on hold: web Ticket is On Hold (elapsed time stopped by the selection of Category ‘stop the clock’)
ticket resolved icon: web Resolved Ticket
linked ticket icon: web Ticket is linked to other Ticket(s)
internal note icon: web Note flagged as internal
webguest added note: web Note added by End-User
note with attached file: web Note with attached file(s)

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