“Rachel was very friendly and professional. She was able to resolve all of our issues in one go. 5/5”

Adam Gould, Advance Housing and Support

I firstly want to thank you for building such a provisionally brilliant system. I have experience with several CRM and DMS systems over the last 5 years; your system is a lot more ergonomic and looks uber professional.

Ty Wilson-Higham, EntireFM

“I always get good response from the support team when we raise issues/queries!”

Jennifer Hosking, New Forest District Council

“The software is working really well and giving us the visibility that we need, senior management are really pleased with the investment!”

David Nunns, Signal Telecom

“The product is really easy to use. Logging a call is such a simple and logical process, the customer support we receive from the team at House-on-the-Hill is fantastic!”

Debbie Anacoura, Riverside Group

supportdesk customers in education

“Great help! always knowledgeable and courteous, bleeping love the new look & feel on the web interface.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

rating: 5/5

Alex Harding, Runshaw College

housing helpdesk software

On the implementation of FCHO’s Hosted SupportDesk system:

“It was an excellent process. A knowledgeable consultant was allocated to the project from start to finish, and she worked alongside us to understand our requirements, our processes and help build them into the system.”

Read the full First Choice Homes Oldham Case Study

David Gorman, First Choice Homes Oldham

“We at world Challenge have looked at many systems to meet our customer service needs and incident management, we have used HOTH for some time now but this year decided to upgrade to the latest version.

Now the system is in and in use it is amazing the time saved during a call and the way that reporting the system is now set, saves us much more time allowing the Operation Centre team to focus on the customer and or the particular incident being dealt with.

The online version gives us so much flexibility and as a global business allows access to be much quicker, this along with the integration to our Global mapping system is unique and works amazingly well.”


Read the full SupportDesk @ World Challenge Case Study here.

Simon Drayton, World Challenge

With SupportDesk for ITSM and Facilities Management – “We can go through a certain work flow and it keeps the restaurants informed of where we are. It allows us to escalate problems. We’re able to report from it and from there define certain key indicators or service level agreements, even within our own team.  We can review historical calls.”

“SupportDesk’s pop-up reminders are a prompt for us to check connectivity between 3663 and the restaurants and one of a series of preventative measures. This can be crucial for the restaurants and their customers so we keep a watchful eye out to check orders sent out have been received,”

Read the full Nando’s SupportDesk ITSM and FM case study

Juan Lowe, Nando’s Restaurants

“I am the Helpdesk manager to a property management software company, I have a high expectation of customer service. My experience with SupportDesk is always first class. They are helpful, knowledgeable, courteous and prompt.”

Dave Terry, Trace Solutions

“SupportDesk means that everything can be accounted for, and that all calls can be routed efficiently and quickly through the helpdesk”

Advance’s HR helpdesk functions as a separate tool to their SupportDesk for IT Service Management, and has unique forms & workflow that are exclusive to the calls logged by the proficient HR team. Both SupportDesk systems are fully supported by House-on-the-Hill, allowing Advance to simply phone or go online to HotH’s support team if any configuration or technical alterations are required.

Read how Advance Housing use SupportDesk for the management of IT support calls and HR tickets.

Advance Housing

“Your support department are really good and helpful :)”

Mark Budd, CHI Technology

On how SupportDesk has improved service management at Newport City Council:

“The portal will change the way we do business, because we can capture relevant information at the point of incident logging.”

Read the full Newport City Council Case Study

Mike Doverman, Newport City Council

“An excellent support service and a product that does exactly what is says on the box.”

Jason Spiller, Dentons

“Putting processes all together makes it so much simpler and easier to manage, and see what’s going on as an overall picture.”

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Spencer Johnson, 20:20 Mobile