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Canned Responses

Use the Canned Responses feature to auto-fill ticket solutions. Turn on this feature via the Settings Cog > Themes &


It is possible to assign Logins to a specific Role allowing you to specify the information presented and access given to

Integrating HotH with Active Directory – Email Setup

The integration with Azure AD allows you to load users from Azure AD into HotH and to send/read in HotH

Integrating HotH with Active Directory – User Setup

The integration with Azure AD allows you to load users from Azure AD into HotH and to send/read in emails

Customers, Contacts, Products & Assets

Configure terminology changes in the Your Company Settings menu and field changes via Fields & Extra Fields: Customers/Users and Orgs

Your Company

HotH is used to support your customers. In a customer support environment, customers will be your client base. In an

HotH Product Roadmap 

Future  MS Teams 4.0  Enhanced Web API   Contract Service & Invoice Management  Capacity & Availability Management  Chat AI bot  Accessibility


Tags are a useful way of giving tickets an ever deeper level of charactarisation beyond the specified Types, Sub-Types etc.

Mobile Forms & Dashboards

HotH Mobile allows you to customise your forms and dashboards in an easy and manageable way, providing your users with

Archiving/Deleting Records

Archived records are not deleted; they can still be accessed through the HotH interface. However, records that are in the

HotH CloudSync App

The HotH ‘CloudSync’ system is a cut-down version of HotH. It doesn’t need installing due to it being a folder

Change Management

HotH is highly configurable and offers the flexibility for you to set up the Change Management process to suit your

Problem Management

Problem Management is used to minimise the adverse impact of Incidents and Problems and to prevent recurrence by ticket handling

Email Automation

The HotH Email Automation feature is a good way of routing your incoming emails to create and triage calls with

Attaching a URL to a Ticket

It’s possible to attach a URL to a Ticket in HotH: Open a Ticket and click on the Attachments link  Copy

In The Loop

This feature is a way of adding users to tickets to keep them ‘In The Loop’. The following describes how