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Attaching a URL to a Ticket

It’s possible to attach a URL to a Ticket in HotH: Open a Ticket and click on the Attachments link  Copy

In The Loop

This feature is a way of adding users to Tickets to keep them ‘In The Loop’. The following describes how

Inbound Email Settings

Inbound emails that are updates to existing tickets are added as Notes. Other emails are selectively added, filtering out unwanted

Outbound Email Settings

Your outbound emails are styled to include fixed text and variable fields with a Company Signature to reflect your business.

Creating Invoices

Invoicing comes ready out-of-the-box with House-on-the-Hill CAFM. With this guide you will learn how to build up an invoice with

Email Settings

You can use your House-on-the-Hill to set up rules for inbound and outbound emails. HotH has options on how to

How to make a Contractor

To make a new Contractor, first head to the Settings Cog >Logins and Teams the click the Add button to create a new

Advanced Ticket Features

Read about some of the more advanced features that are incorporated in Tickets.  Coverage and Expertise for Contractor Selection This

Microsoft Teams Integration

For many organisations MS Teams has been an essential tool for home working. Collaborations, consultancy, and catch-ups –it sees it


Where Product contains a generic master list of what you work with, Asset is a more detailed record of the


Product contains a master list of the products that you work with. You can link company property with a specific


Contacts are the individuals you communicate with and can be set up independently or linked to a specific customer. Linking

Customers/Users and Organisations

Customers/Users are the people/clients that you support. These are unique to your business, for example: IT Service Management (ITSM) –

Importing/Exporting Data

You can import existing data into your HotH System and export your data to a file from within HotH.  When

2020 Release Notes

Document Manager

HotH Document Manager is an optional add on that allows the storage, revision control and simple integration of documents into