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House-on-the-Hill is a Service Management Platform for IT, Customer Support, Facilities and Case Management.

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Tried and Tested.

We've been delivering service management software for coming up to 30 years. Our secret is to listen to our customers and create cost-effective service platforms built with your organisation in mind. We just get IT. Our trials come stacked with features out-of-the-box and are instantly deployable. Dynamic workflows requires agile SaaS solutions such as House-on-the-Hill, this is why our service is deployed across many industries and business sizes from SMEs up to Enterprise.

IT Service Management

Our flagship solution. House-on-the-Hill IT Service Management is deployed across many varying sectors and business sizes. The software comes pre-built for all things ITSM: ITIL Frameworks, Drag & Drop Workflow Designer, Self-Service Portal, Service Requests, Service Level Management, unlimited fields, Reporting, KPIs, Knowledgebase and we're only scratching the surface.

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Customer Service Management Software

House all your customers and product catalogue under one roof and start supporting! All types of organisations can take advantage of House-on-the-Hill Customer Service Management to provide smarter customer support. We achieve this through public self-service portals enriched with knowledge base articles, customer feedback, FAQs and common requests. Plus when data becomes somewhat unwieldy: use House-on-the-Hill reporting to visualise and make sense of trends all from a personalised dashboard.

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Computer Aided Facilities Management

Keep your Facilities Management ticking over like a well-oiled machine. Enterprising facility management companies are turning their hand to modern service implementation to stay in control of the myriad of work requests, upkeep of properties and sustain growth. Reactive jobs can be created via the self-service portal, app, email and by your agents. This information is processed against the relevant properties, engineers are alerted, POs raised, job sheets created and then once the job is complete, an invoice is raised. All this out-of-the-box plus whole raft of other features

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FOI, Case & Complaints Management Software

Channel the deluge of case requests and stream them into House-on-the-Hill Case Management. Wether it's via email, the public portal, website, letter or phone we take those requests and create unique cases. The cases are then routed from within HotH to departments to obtain key information, resolve the request and deliver a detailed response to the requestor. All this is Paperless! House-on-the-Hill Case Management comes stocked with the Discolure Log for publishing and indexing accessibile knowledge, useful reports, Information Governance to manage data security / breaches, pre-built letter templates and lots more.

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Make our house your home.

At House-on-the-Hill we don't sit still. We're a software house that developes new features and integrations alongside the latest technologies and service trends. But can you guess who's also a big inspration..? You!

We take on all your feedback (good & bad), learn, design and pipe them into our product roadmap. Our customers and the partnerships we build are reason we've evolved from a floppy disk in '93 to the fully fedged cloud enterprise service platform you see today.

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We're on the G-Cloud

If you are a public sector organisation, you can find House-on-the-Hill IT Service Management, Facilities Management and FOI / Case management available on the G-Cloud digital marketplace.

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