Importing/Exporting Data

You can import existing data into your HotH System and export your data to a file from within HotH. 

When downloading data from any database software and populating HotH, the files to be imported must be flat files of comma-separated values (CSV).

Importing Data

From the Dashboard, go to Import CSV File from :

Settings Cog settings cog > More Tools > Import CSV File. 

Select the file to import and Click to Import.

If there are errors they will be listed. You need to review the errors. The error log is listed to the file suppdesk.err. If there are no errors you can navigate away. 

Import Format 

The files to be imported must be flat  files of comma-separated values (CSV). Each line in the text file represents a HotH record of a particular type. The first characters in each line indicate the type of record to be loaded. You should also note that special rules apply to some fields. You can use Import to execute a SQL string.

Excel column headings are supplied below to assist. You do not need to supply data for every field, just enter those you need. (Though there are some validation rules, these are not documented here.) 

Dates should be entered as DD/MM/YYYY for UK format and MM/DD/YYYY if US format is in use. 

Organisations Record – Type C

Customer Record – Type C

Contact Record – Type CC

Product Record – Type P

Product Version Record – Type PV

Asset Record – Type CP

Task Record – Type AC

Ticket Record – Type E

Login Record – Type U

Exporting Data 

 You can export your current databases into a named file. The output records have the same layout as the corresponding Import records.

HintThis is useful if you want to create an import file; create a ‘dummy’ record, populating the required fields with discernible text, such as REF in a reference field. The exported data can then be used as a template for the import layout.

Exporting via the Settings Cog

To export your data, navigate to Settings Cog settings cog  > More Tools > Export CSV File

In the Database Export page select the items which you would like to export into a CSV file and click OK. 

Note : Calls is another term for Tickets.

The page will refresh updated with an Export link which clicking will begin the download.

Exporting Current Record

To Export the data of the record or records you are currently viewing navigate to the Summary Options tab located next to the Settings Cog settings cog and click on Export

exporting tab on webserver

The page will refresh with Summary Options menu being updated to include an additional item – [View]. Click this to download the exported data file directly to your computer.

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