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Re-Authorising OAuth Scripts - Product Documentation

Re-Authorising OAuth Scripts

If the auth token has expired or password has been updated on the mailbox,  the email OAuth script will require reauthing.

Your system may be configured to use multiple scripts if reading different mailboxes for folders. Navigate to the Settings Cog > Folders, click into a folder and scroll down to the Email section. The relevant OAuth script name will be used in the Password field.

Re-Authing the Script

Navigate to the Settings Cog > More Tools > OAuth Scripts and click into the required script.

You need to Auth the script using the MS account details linked with your HotH system.

Click the Auth button within the script and then log into Microsoft using the account details used during the original configuration and linked to HotH.

If you are already logged into MS using your personal account, upon clicking Auth you will automatically be logged into MS. If this happens, log out of HotH and log back in as an administrator via a private window in your browser, click Auth within the script and then log into MS using the account linked with your system. Once logged in you will be redirected back into House-on-the-Hill.

Click Ok on the script once done.

Note: It is not possible for HotH support staff to help Auth the script as it requires confidential MS login details.

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