Installing HotH Mobile

The Mobile client will not need any further configuration within IIS as there is an automatic-detect feature, which has been implemented within HotH, which will load the Mobile client on your mobile device. If you wish to access the Mobile client on a PC then you can do so by referencing supmobile.dll in your HotH WebServer URL. So for example it will look something like this http://<servername>/suppdesk/supmobile.dll. This will force the Mobile client to be loaded, however, this is no longer strictly necessary.

Note: It is possible to use another application pool in IIS to handle the work load of the Mobile client. This involves creating another application in IIS, which will use a different application pool to the one that is used for the WebServer client but it will use the same application folder that is used for the WebServer. Once this is done you will still be required to reference supmobile.dll in the URL in order to access the Mobile client.

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