FOI – Getting Started Checklist

Action How/Where
If any one of FOI, DP/SAR, EIR, BAU or Complaints  is not supported then archive the Case Type Settings – Categories – Category = Case Type – Select the unwanted Case Type and tick archive flag.
Set the warning times on the codes which set the target times Settings – Categories – Category = Status/stage – Status/stage codes – FOI Received (15), EIR Received(15), DP Received(30) .
For complaints  – Settings – Categories – Category = Deadline – Deadline codes 1.Urgent, 2.Medium, 3.Low  – you may want to change all these target times.
Maintain Disclosure Log Classifications Settings – Categories – Disclosure  Log Class.  Delete unwanted options and add new ones as appropriate for your body.
Maintain/check the lists of Requestors, Settings – Extra Fields – amend the Selection list for field Call:Requestor
Review the Call forms to check that all required fields are available. Best carried out with HotH so this can be discussed and modified if need be. Settings – Forms and Dashboards – Form Type = Call
Check mail templates for specific wording and any alterations that are needed. Settings – E-mail setup
Check print templates for specific wording etc. Settings – Forms and Dashboards – Components – components beginning with “Letter”.
Create Login Groups – i.e FOI Department Settings – Logins – set the login as a group.
Create logins Settings – Logins – create the logins and specify Group/Team membership.
Create new dashboards. Specific dashboards can be built for users which have specific functionality. Settings – Forms & Dashboards – Form Type Dashboard


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