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WebHooks API

HotH WebHooks Integration allows tickets to be automatically pushed to another HotH system as new tickets. It can also be used to update certain fields in existing tickets via an HTTPS JSON API.

Ticket field changes and notes made in either HotH system will then be automatically synchronised to the other system.

The ticket fields that are synchronised are


The initial ‘push’ of a ticket from one end to the other is controlled using a custom tag against one or more categories. This enables one of the Type, Status or Priority values to control this. So a ticket may be raised in one system, then at a later time pushed to the other system. After this, the fields will be kept in-sync.

Successful synchronisation does depend on the two systems having identically named categories (Types, Status, Priority) and logins (Assignee, Owner).

Synchronisation is via an HTTP(S) JSON WebHook API, so both ends must be accessible to each other via an HTTP(S) URL.

Example using the curl command line tool to perform a manual HTTP request to update a ticket status using basic authentication.

curl -X POST -H “Content-Type:application/json”

JSON format showing sample data values on the right.
If “reference” is empty or missing a new ticket is created.

	"call" :
		"contact":"Buddy Dog",
		"level":"24 Hour",
		"subject":"Test Call Subject",
		"description":"Test Call Description",
		"text1":"text1 etc. 1-6”

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