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HTTPS Report API - Product Documentation


The API allows a caller to run a named report via an HTTPS request and returns the report output in a structured JSON format.

Using a one-off URL, from an external application


Or, from a logged-in session, for example, from a form component


Runs the named report in the context of the supplied login and returns the output of the report in JSON format. Output is a JSON array of report rows. Each row is a set of heading/value pairs for each column in the report.

For example:




“Subject”:”I am having trouble with using nordic characters (ASCII  # 228, 229 and 246), in SupportDesk FM.  Using these characters in the organization or contact fields creates an database error message. The error  appears when trying to call back a earlier organization or contact through the drop-down menus, and the item contains a nordic characters, or when opening a  call where either of the stated fields contain a nordic character.”,



“Priority”:”1 High”,





“Subject”:”We’ve been experiencing a few problems with supportdesk over the las few weeks.  Emails that are being sent to the helpdesk are not automatically being received by supportdesk, and the tickets are not being created/updated.”,


“Status”:”Closed – Info Not Received”,

“Priority”:”3 Medium”,




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