Updating JIRA from HotH

Create a Supervisor HotH Login called ‘jira’ that JIRA will use to send information to HotH. Test the login by logging into HotH.

jira login details

Make a note of the SupportDesk WebServer URL, e.g. ‘http://localhost/2014/supisacs.dll’

webserver url

Add a JIRA Administration WebHook pointing to the SupportDesk WebServer URL containing the jira Login and Password.

Ensure all Events are selected and no Details are excluded. e.g. http://localhost/2014/supisacs.dll?A=HttpApiJiraWebHook&Login=jira&Password=jirajira123*

jira webhooks

Adding a Comment to a JIRA Issue should now cause a new note on the linked HotH ticket.

jira test notes
jira test note

A change to a JIRA Issue’s Status will cause the linked HotH ticket’s Status to change, provided there is a matching HotH Status.

A change to a JIRA Issue’s Key will cause the HotH ticket’s JIRA Issue Key field to be updated.

The HotH ticket’s JIRA Issue Key is the crucial link between the HotH ticket and the JIRA Issue. With care it may be modified by a HotH Supervisor. If removed, the HotH ticket will be linked to a new JIRA Issue provided all of the other fields are correct i.e. SuperType, Status, Subject. This can be useful for testing.

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