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Introducing Discovery Control

House-on-the-Hill’s FOI, Request and Case Compliance solution has showed no signs of slowing since its introduction. Many organisations now relish in its ability to retire manual processes and stay compliant. Excitingly, we can now take that one step further as House-on-the-Hill joins forces with Waterford Technologies, specialists within the integrated compliance space.

Some words from our Director, Peter Broadhead.

“We’re thrilled to become part of the Waterford Technologies community. This exciting new chapter will allow House-on-the-Hill to superpower our service and innovate our products for the betterment of all our customers. Our mission is to provide enterprise solutions for any organisation that helps build relationships,  reduces friction,  innovates holistically and creates value to each person and team.”

The Innovation is Televised:

We are now happy to announce our first venture with Waterford Technologies: DiscoveryControl. A new refined Request & Case Management Solution. The objective was simple, simplify! In response to demand and consultation with our clients DiscoveryControl boasts a much improved easy-to-use Freedom of Information Requests (FOI) Subject Access Requests (SAR), Environmental Information Regulations (EIR), Discovery, Data Breaches and ROPA management system that is fully supported by our team of consultants.

DiscoveryControl strives to be the most user-friendly FOI, DSAR, EIR, and Data Breaches management system in the world and is configurable to your exact data workflow requirements as the workload and requirements increases year on year in this area.

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