Priority and Service Level Agreement


Use Priorities to set target times for ticket resolution. Priorities could either be simply selected or be pre-determined based on an Impact and Urgency matrix*.

*Implementing an Impact and Urgency matrix requires consultancy, please contact House-on the-Hill for further details.

A simple Priority model may consist of 5 different Priorities including:

  1. Critical
  2. High
  3. Medium
  4. Low
  5. Long Term

To manually add Priorities, go to Settings > Service Level Management and select Priority from the Category drop-down.priority summary

Create new Priorities by clicking on the Add New Priority (“add button“) button.

priority details

ticket priority details populated

Service Level Agreement

You may have different Service Level Agreements for selected Customers. You can set the Customer’s SLA on their Customer record.

You can parent Priorities to an SLA so that you can have alternative target times for Priorities under different SLA’s.

You can also set a calendar on the SLA, to offer a variation on the office hours covered (set on the Company Configuration.) Response, Reminder and Action/Fix times are automatically calculated based on your office hours.

Tip: If you have a customer with a 24-hour Service Level Agreement, you can create a separate 24-hour SLA (Impact/SLA) and set your Priorities to be parented by SLA.

With the SLA set on the customer record, when you raise a ticket for this customer, the 24-hour SLA will be automatically set, and subsequent selection of Priority will calculate target times based on a 24-hour clock.

Setting a 24-hour clock on SLA:sla 24hour

Contact House-on-the-Hill for further assistance in setting up 2-level SLA’s/Priorities or an Impact/Urgency/Priority matrix.