Data Dictionary

The Data Dictionary is a central administrative area within SupportDesk where you can create new Dictionaries for Folders and make alterations to field names, mandatory settings and field positioning. Multiple Dictionaries are enabled as part of the Enterprise edition. The Data Dictionary can be accessed via Settings > Data Dictionary:data dictionary menu dropdown

In order to create a new Dictionary, you can copy a Dictionary and give it a new name. A good idea would be to have Default selected in the Dictionary drop-down, and if, for instance, you wish to make a new Dictionary for Request Fulfilment, click Save Dictionary and enter the name Request DD.

This means that you can have different field names and settings for your Ticket and Request dictionary name pane

If you wish to change the name of a field, select the appropriate Dictionary from the Dictionary drop-down then find the field reference in the Field section.

So here, if I wish to rename the Subject field on the Problem record, I select the Problem DD, and in the Prompt field, enter the new name: Problem. By ticking the Mandatory tick box, this means that the field will be mandatory upon Opening the Problem. Mandatory on Resolution and Mandatory on Closure can also be set, and these respect the milestone settings of your Statuses.

To Hide the field from the ticket screen, tick Hide/Archive:data dictionary field

Search the Data Dictionary

It is now possible to search for a particular field within the Data Dictionary easily within SupportDesk, simply type in your required field and a drop-down menu will appear for you to choose from:

Data Dictionary Formdata dictionary form

Field dropdown icon This selection identifies the field on the particular record.
Customise checkbox icon Tick this box to instruct SupportDesk to use your specification for this field on the corresponding form. Other fields will then become available.
Prompt Enter the text you wish to see on the corresponding form as a prompt for this field.
Width Specify the field width; this must be less than the SupportDesk default.
Default Value Enter a default value for the field. This can be a SQL statement. (Not applicable for service level management fields such as Call:Priority)
Mandatory checkbox icon Tick to force the login to make an entry in this field. For tickets, the field can be mandatory on resolution and on closure and a set stage in the ticket life cycle.
Hide/Archive checkbox icon Tick to remove this field from the corresponding form and associated reports. It remains on the Data Dictionary but no longer appears on forms and reports.
Read Only checkbox icon Tick if no change to the field is permitted by users other than Supervisors.
Audit Field Changes checkbox icon Tick the box if any changes made to the contents of the selected field are to be audited. The Field Changes tab of the appropriate record (Customers, products, etc.) will list the changes made to all audited fields, showing when and by whom plus old and new values. You will therefore choose to audit any fields where the content is particularly important.
E-Mail Field Changes checkbox icon In conjunction with Audit Field Changes, tick the box to email field changes using a User Defined Email Template. Contact House-on-the-Hill for information on configuration.
Select Only checkbox icon If this box is ticked, entries can only be selected from the drop-down list, with the available entries defined at Selection. If un-ticked, they can also be typed in if a suitable entry is not listed. Only use on fields that normally allow manual entry of data.
Selection Build a list box by placing entries on separate lines. This can be a SQL statement.
Erase on Closure checkbox icon Tick if the ticket field is to be cleared out when the ticket is closed.
Help Enter any hints to help your login complete the field.
Internal checkbox icon Fields that are marked as ‘Internal’ are not visible to Web Guests.

Enter the width of the field for display on summary lists in the WebServer.

If a width is entered, the text will automatically wrap to fit.

Wrap checkbox icon Tick if you wish the HTML field to wrap within the available width. If not, it extends beyond the right-hand boundary and users will need to scroll right to see all the text.
Reports Width The width of the field in Quick Reports
Accumulate checkbox icon Tick if the field is to be accumulated in Quick Reports

The tick boxes below are only for certain fields in the WebServer

Show as drop down list checkbox icon If ticked, on existing Tickets the drop down list is not populated, to improve performance.
Hide drop down toggle checkbox icon If ticked, you cannot toggle between drop down selection and manual entry
Read only for WebGuest checkbox icon WebGuests cannot update this field.