Password Management

HotH’s password reset functionality enables Customers to reset their own passwords externally, and for Supervisors to reset passwords internally from within system Login records. The relevant information for the various password management features is available from the links below:

Password Reset Options (End Users & Supervisors)

Password Reset E-mail Template

WebServer Temporary Password Settings


Password Reset Options


Password Reset options for End Users

HotH’s login screen includes a Login and Password field, both of which must be completed for users to log in to their personal profiles. Password resets can be a common request on the HelpDesk, so underneath the Login and Password fields there is a ‘Forgot Your Password’ link enabling self-resolution in the case of a forgotten password.

enduser forgot password screen

Once clicked, Users can enter either their e-mail address, User Name or Login for the system to identify them by, then click Submit:

enduser forgot password enter credentials screen

Once submitted, a reset message appears on the Login screen:

enduser password reset message

And a message is sent to the e-mail address* associated with the Login details provided, which includes a randomly generated temporary password. Upon first login after password reset, the user is prompted to enter a new password.

*The User must have an email address entered on the Options tab of their Login record for the email to be generated and sent.

enduser password reset email

Password Reset options for Supervisors

Supervisors are able to access login records via the Settings dropdown, and clicking Logins. HotH includes a Reset Password button on the Details tab of individual Login records:

supervisor reset password page

When clicked, provided the Login record has an email address entered on the Options tab, the password reset email will be automatically generated:

supervisor password email page

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Password Reset E-mail Template


The password reset e-mail template can be amended by Supervisors. This can be done via Settings Cog > E-mail & Letter Templates:

Email templates dropdown

Then selecting the Specific Email template Type from the Type drop-down:

email templates specific type

By finding and selecting the Password Reset email template from this list, the template can then be amended and customized in the email designer. The <System:PasswordReset> prompt must be included as this automatically generates the new password:

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Webserver Temporary Password Settings


When a password has been reset, Users are sent a temporary password using the prompt <System:PasswordReset> in the email template, and are then prompted to change this upon logging in.

The temporary password settings can be controlled by Supervisors within the Settings Cog > Settings:

Then in the Advanced Settings section the Default System Password can be entered in this field. This field is for the temporary password prefix (e.g. TempPassword) A unique password is then automatically generated by the <System:PasswordReset> prompt with numbers and letters following the prefix set in the field below:

webserver advanced settings section

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