JIRA – HotH Setup

From the Settings Cog > Settings set JIRA Base URL, JIRA Username and JIRA Password from 1b

jira settings

Via the Settings Cog > Fields rename a spare Customer field to JIRA Project Key eg. ‘Customer:Reason’. This Customer field will be used to identify the target JIRA Project from the Customer selected on a ticket.

jira project key

Via the Settings Cog > Fields set the Call SuperType JIRA Field Name to ‘issuetype’. This field on a ticket’s Customer maps SuperType to ‘JIRA Issue Type’.

jira field name

Via the Settings Cog > Fields rename the Call Cust Own Ref field to JIRA Issue Key. This field on a ticket will hold the linked JIRA Issue Key.

jira issue key

Via the Settings Cog > Service Level Management add a SuperType with the same name as the JIRA Issue Type from 1d, e.g. ‘New Feature’. Selecting this SuperType on a ticket identifies the target JIRA Issue Type.

jira type details

Via the Settings Cog > Service Level Management add a Status with a description of ‘JIRAg. JIRA Test. Selecting this status on a ticket will cause the ticket to be linked to a new JIRA Issue. Any category can trigger the link. The category can have any name, a description containing ‘JIRA’ triggers the link. There may be multiple categories with descriptions containing ‘JIRA’ – the first one selected will trigger the link.

jira status details

Create a Customer record with JIRA Project Key set to the target JIRA Project Key from 1c, e.g. SIM.

jira project key customer details

Set [Database] Trace=2 in WebServer’s suppdesk.ini and restart the HotH App Pool in IIS. This will enable additional on-screen messages during testing.

jira suppdesk.ini

Create a test ticket in HotH. First, select the Customer created in 2g, e.g. JIRA SIM Issue. Next, select the SuperType created in 2e, e.g. New Feature. Then, select the Status created in 2f, e.g. JIRA Test. Finally, enter a test Subject.

jira test call

If successful, the ticket’s JIRA Issue Key field should now be populated with the new JIRA Issue Key. Clicking on the JIRA Issue Key prompt will take you to the JIRA Issue in the browser.

jira issue

Adding a Note to the ticket will cause a Comment to be added to the Issue in JIRA

jira add note
jira test note

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