HotH/JIRA Integration

HotH/JIRA Integration allows tickets raised in HotH to be automatically pushed to JIRA as new Issues. Notes subsequently added to the ticket in HotH are automatically added to the linked JIRA Issue as Comments and vice versa. The JIRA Project is controlled by the Customer selected on the ticket via a Customer field named ‘JIRA Project Key’.

  • Call:SuperType or Call:Type or Call:SubType control the JIRA issuetype
  • Call:Subject is automatically mapped to JIRA Issue Summary
  • Additional fields from HotH that can be pushed to JIRA are:
  • Call:Status (can be mapped to a JIRA Workflow Transition)
  • Call:Priority (can be mapped to JIRA Issue priority)
  • Call:Assignee login (can be mapped to JIRA Issue assignee)
  • Call:Owner login (can be mapped to JIRA Issue reporter)
  • Call:Root Cause (can be mapped to JIRA Issue description)
  • Call:Reference (can be mapped to a JIRA Custom Field)
  • Mapping is via the ‘JIRA Field Name’ in the Settings Cog > Fields for these fields.

Note – The JIRA system must be accessible from the HotH WebServer IIS server via an HTTP(S) URL and vice versa for two-way updates to occur. JIRA integration is only available via the HotH WebServer interface (not the Windows thick-client).

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