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FOI Overview


This section of the library provides an overview of the mechanics and configuration of the House on the Hill (HotH) Case Management (Freedom of Information (FOI)) system. It covers the functionality and the configuration settings applied to provide this. Useful references to on-line resources are available on the References page. It predominantly covers Case Management but similar principles apply to all other case types.


The system aims to provide customers with a framework from which they can create a bespoke Case Management.  It follows FOI guidelines where possible but can be adjusted to the requirements of the customer. As well as FOI requests the system also allows for the logging and management of
DP/SAR Requests, EIR (Environmental Information Regulations) requests and Complaints.

The system also allows requests to be logged as “Business as Usual” requests if required. The bulk of this document will consider FOI requests. FOI requests can be logged through the Web UI using a specific ticket screen built using the HotH Forms designer. These requests can then be handled following an FOI workflow and information about the FOI and the outcome recorded within the HotH system. E-mails that follow recommended FOI responses can be sent to the applicant at key stages of the FOI life-cycle. There is also the facility to maintain print templates and instigate appropriate letters directly from the request screen.

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