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Configuring and Running the Audit Function - Product Documentation

Configuring and Running the Audit Function

The Audit function is accessed on the Windows interface from the Menu > Setup > PC Auditing.

audit menu selection: windows

Which on selection will bring up the screen below and show audited PCs plus the last audit date and “discovered” owner (the last user to logon prior to the audit).

audited computer details

With a configuration tab of:

audit configuration

As a starting point to begin auditing please set the options on your configuration tab as shown above, but with the following key differences:

  1. The UNC Path will be specific to your site and should be the “sharename” of the HotH directory\Auditor. After making any changes to the settings, please hit the Close button to save your settings.
  2. The user name to connect to remote PCs should be a network domain logon that has access to all computers. It may be that you need to prefix this with your domain name e.g.:

“Houseonthehill\Administrator” is the account that will be used to connect to PCs in the domain and initiate the audit application during the Discovery and Audit process.

A quick test of the Audit process is to return to the “Audited Computer Details” and select the option “Audit my PC” – an MS-DOS window will appear which indicates the audit is running. On completion, a web page/html document will be displayed showing the findings of the audit. The file/computer name will appear on the screen:

audit findings

This htm document is stored in the auditor directory and can be accessed at any time if a quick view of the computer detail is needed.

The details of the audit are initially stored in a text file that has to be imported into HotH. To do this Click on the option “Load Audit PC Files” and the data held in the text file will be loaded into HotH.

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