SupportDesk System Requirements

Application Server
Minimum Recommended
Processor 2GHz, dual core 2.4GHz quad core or greater (or equivalent technology)
Disk Space 50GB 500GB
Windows Server OS
2012 or later 2019

RAM and Processor: Increased RAM and high-end processors may be required depending on simultaneous access load and number of SupportDesk users.

Disk Space: Total disk space requirement will be dependent upon expected ticket volume.

Windows Workstations
SupportDesk Desktop Windows client software operates on:
Minimum Recommended
Windows OS Windows 8 or later

Windows Terminal Server (WTS) and Citrix

Windows 10


SupportDesk can be used in conjunction with the following RDBMS databases on Windows or Linux platform:
Minimum Recommended
MS SQL Server 2012 or later (including Express edition) 2017
MySQL Server 5.6 or later (including Community edition) 8

Note: You should have the appropriate RDBMS in place with sufficient client access licences (CALs) and ODBC driver support.

Minimum Recommended
Windows Server OS 2012 or later 2019
Internet Information Services (IIS) 8 or later 10

Note: The WebServer is compatible with all major HTML5 browsers.
General Notes:

  1. The load of other applications installed on the same server should be taken into consideration when
    determining server hardware requirements.
  2. SupportDesk can be run in a Virtual Machine (VM) environment if required.
  3. Contact House-on-the-Hill if you have any queries about your setup.