HotH System Requirements

Application Server
Processor2GHz, dual core2.4GHz quad core or greater (or equivalent technology)
Disk Space50GB500GB
Windows Server OS
2012 or later2019

RAM and Processor: Increased RAM and high-end processors may be required depending on simultaneous access load and number of HotH users.

Disk Space: Total disk space requirement will be dependent upon expected ticket volume.

Windows Workstations
HotH Desktop Windows client software operates on:
Windows OS

Windows 8 or later

Windows Terminal Server (WTS) and Citrix

Windows 10


HotH can be used in conjunction with the following RDBMS databases on Windows or Linux platform:
MS SQL Server2012 or later (including Express edition)2017
MySQL Server5.6 or later (including Community edition)8

Note: You should have the appropriate RDBMS in place with sufficient client access licences (CALs) and ODBC driver support.

Windows Server OS2012 or later2019
Internet Information Services (IIS)8 or later10

Note: The WebServer is compatible with all major HTML5 browsers.
General Notes:

  1. The load of other applications installed on the same server should be taken into consideration when
    determining server hardware requirements.
  2. HotH can be run in a Virtual Machine (VM) environment if required.
  3. Contact House-on-the-Hill if you have any queries about your setup.