Purchase Orders

Expand the Finance heading in the margin to access the summary list of Purchase Orders and create new entries.

The name of the form used to generate a PO is PurchaseOrder, under the Form Type of PO.

You can edit the fields as you would a normal form in the ‘drag and drop’ builder, with the defaults as below:












The next available number is generated automatically but you can change to another unique number.

Raised By


The lists by default show logins. Contact House-on-the-Hill if you want to change to lists Customer or Contacts records.

Ship To
Bill To

Both entries will default to your company’s name and address (entered on the Company Configuration). Use the DataDictionary if you want to set this to be an alternative address.


Tick if the purchase order is no longer active and can be archived.

Date Raised

The date defaults to today but can be changed.

Date Authorized
Date Required
Date Received

Enter the indicated dates when the relevant event has occurred.


Use the DataDictionary to create a Selection list of entries


Select a supplier from those listed. This then populates the various supplier fields, which you can change for this purchase order.

Once a supplier has been selected you can use the prompt to drill down to the supplier details.


Add any further information here.

It is now also possible to allow Webguests to add Purchase Orders of their own, with the addition of the form PurchaseOrder_Webguest, and the redisplay form of PurchaseOrder_Webguest_Redisplay. 

Firstly however, you must check the box in Webserver settings of ‘Allow Webguests to submit Purchase Orders‘ for this functionality to become available to them.








Adding Purchase Order Line Items

To add item lines to your Purchase Order you need to click Add New.

add new item line

purchase order details

Product Select a product from the list.
Unit Price/Quantity/Gross The price defaults to the price on the product; it can be adjusted. Enter a quantity ordered to calculate the gross value.
Discount Enter any line discount that applies.
Cost The amount shown is the gross value less the discount amount.
OK Save the entry and return to the purchase order.
Delete Remove the line item.
Recalculate Use if the values have been altered.

Completing the Purchase Order

As you add lines, they are shown on the purchase order. Use the View link to alter existing entries.

completing the purchase order

Sub-Total This is the total of all purchase items.
Discount Enter further purchase order discount here.
Shipping The standard amount from the Company Configuration record is shown but you can change it for this order.
Tax on Shipping Tick the box to calculate tax on the shipping value.
Tax The tax amount is calculated by applying the percentage rate from the Company Configuration record to the discounted total, including or excluding shipping.
Total This is the sub-total of all the lines, less order discount plus tax and shipping.
Transfer Purchases to Helpdesk Click the button to transfer the listed products to the inventory database once they have been received. You can then access and update this inventory as for any others.

More Purchase Order Information

Extra Fields and Attachments (on the More link) can be added once the purchase order has been created.

The Print button is present if a PO form called Jobsheet_PO; use to print purchase orders

You can link purchase orders and tickets by saving the field PO on your ticket form. Clicking the PO prompt on the ticket enables creation of a new PO or drill down to an existing PO.