FOI – Status/Stage Codes (Workflow)

As the request is progressed the single field on the form that indicates the stage in processing is the status/stage code. (Maintained through – Settings Categories – Status/Stage Codes). The list below provides a guide to the various stages/status codes of processing and how they are linked. Status/stage codes have been set for the processing of FOI, Data Protection, Complaints, and EIR requests. However, these may not reflect how all users wish to manage their cases and is usually an area that is customised.

The default status/stage codes available for the FOI process are listed below. These must be set manually unless specified:

FOI Received The default status/stage for new FOI requests – sets the target dates.
FOI in Progress Should be set once someone has picked the request up and is working on it.
FOI Clarification Required If more information is required. (A mail should be sent explaining what is needed).
FOI Clarification Received Used once the information had been received. Resets the time scale.
FOI Complete. No Clarification Will be set automatically after 3 months.
FOI Fees Due If a request for fees is issued. A mail should be sent. (Clock stops).
FOI Fees Received Used once the fees are received. Fees should be recorded on the case and a mail sent. (Clock restarts).
FOI Fees Not Paid Need closing. Will be set automatically after 3 months. Needs to be closed.
FOI Public Int Test Extension If an extension is applied.
FOI Complete Used at the end of the Case. Sets the close date/duration for analysis purpose. A mail should be sent, and the outcome code should be set.

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