HotH WebServer – Overview

The WebServer allows Users to gain access to the HotH system using any web browser, either via the Internet or through a local Intranet. The web pages can be easily customised to reflect your organisation’s own corporate image.

The secure remote login procedures ensure that only authorised Users gain access. The HotH Supervisor can set the Web User’s level of access and functionality. For example, a Customer may be allowed to do no more than list and interrogate the Status of their own Calls. Customers can be given sufficient access to log a Call, thus increasing the speed of call logging and providing a service that is independent of office hours. Calls logged by your Customer can be automatically acknowledged by an e-mail message.

The module provides cohesive support for multi-site organisations, giving a link to support staff working away from the help desk location. Remote help desk staff could be given access to all Calls in order to resolve outstanding problems. (Their capabilities can be equivalent to the localised Windows based HotH users.) The WebServer allows individuals to filter the Calls against various criteria and particular Calls can be interrogated in detail.

HotH’s WebServer is a powerful and cost effective tool for servicing your Customers, which increases the efficiency of your service desk whilst reducing the volume of incoming telephone calls.