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FOI – Exemption Codes

Maintained in “Categories”. If all or part of the request is to be refused the Exemption Tab on the form allows the exemptions to be selected and a short comment to be added to identify which part of the request this applies to.

exemptions tab

Note Mail Template #760, S23 Related to security is the standard response for Absolute Exemptions.

Note Mail Template #761, S24 National security is the standard response for  Qualified Exemptions.



Name Used with
S22 For future publication FOI
S23 Related to security FOI
S24 National Security FOI
S26 Defence FOI
S27 International Relations FOI
S28 Relations with the UK FOI
S29 The economy FOI
S21 Inf access by other means FOI
S31 Law enforcement FOI
S30 Investigations & proceedings FOI
S32 Court Records FOI
S33 Audit Functions FOI
S34 Parliamentary privilege FOI
S35 Formulation of Gvment Policy FOI
S36 Prejudice to conduct affairs FOI
S37 Comms with Her Majesty FOI
S38 Health and safety FOI
S40 Personal information FOI
S41 Information given in confide FOI
S42 Legal professional privilege FOI
S43 Commercial Interests FOI
S44 Prohibitions on disclosure FOI
13 Exempt personal data EIR
12(4)(b) Manifestly unreasonable EIR
12(4)(c) Too general EIR
12(4)(d) Unfinished Documents EIR
12(4)(e) Internal communications EIR
12(5)(a) Internal Relations EIR
12(5)(b) Effect on justice/inqui EIR
12(5)(c) Effect on IPR EIR
12(5)(d) Confidentiality of Proc EIR
12(5)(e) commercial confidential EIR
12(5)(f) Adverse effect on diclo EIR
12(5)(g) Adverse effect on envir EIR
Multiple Exemptions FOI
No Exemption FOI
Crime and taxation DP
Regulatory activity DP
Publicly available information DP
Disclosures required by law DP
Legal advice and proceedings DP
Confidential references DP
Management information DP
Negotiations DP
Journalism literature and art DP
Domestic purposes DP

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