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Managing Contracts

Importing Contracts

Exporting Contracts

Contract Forms

Managing Contracts


Expand the Finance heading in the margin to access the summary list of Contracts and create new entries. You must have at least a Support level privilege.contract dropdown menuTo create a new Contract in the Web, click the “Add New Supplier add button” link and click into existing records to edit. On Windows, click the right mouse button to add, edit and delete. You can indicate the appropriate Contract when creating Product, Asset and Customer items.

A contract may be placed with a supplier to cover support that the supplier provides. Contracts can also be created to define the support service a customer receives. You can link contracts to various other records, including Customers, Assets and Services. Customised forms can be used; a generic form must be called Contract.

Contract A unique number to identify the contract. This can be generated automatically using the tick box on Company Configuration.
Name Give the contract a name.
Archive Tick if the contract is no longer relevant.
Start Date Enter the appropriate date or use the date picker.
Expiry Date Enter the appropriate date or use the date picker. The Work Flow Engine can send an alert to the email address when the Expiry Date is breached (i.e. the day afterwards).
Reminder Date Enter the appropriate date or use the date picker. The Work Flow Engine can send an alert to the email address when the Reminder Date is reached.
Renewal Date Enter the appropriate date or use the date picker. The Work Flow Engine can send an alert to the email address when the Renewal Date is reached.
Email Enter the email address where the Expiry/Reminder/Renewal alerts will be sent.
SLA Indicate the level of service that the contract is to provide. This relates to the SLA category.
Type Use these fields to classify the contract. The fields can be amended to suit using the DataDictionary.
Cost Input the cost of the contract for the defined period. This amount is charged for a customer contract or paid for a supplier contract.
Budget Cost/Code Enter a required figure and charge code here.
Notice Days Enter the number of days’ notice required when terminating the contract.
Terms These entries can be used for any purpose, such as payment terms for the contract charge, whether it is active or related sales information. The fields can be amended to suit using the DataDictionary.
Sales Quote
Sales Person
PO Date Enter a date if appropriate or use the date picker.
Extra Date 1
Notes Enter further information about this contract
Assignee If appropriate, select the assignee for tickets relating to this contract.
Supplier Details
Supplier Contract Indicate if the contract covers service provided by a supplier. (If the box is unticked, this will be a customer contract). Supplier Contracts are listed in the Supplier Contract field on Assets and in the Contract field on Products.
Supplier Select the supplier from the list. You can click the label to access the supplier record.
Supplier SLA Indicate the level of service expected on this contract. This relates to the SLA category.
User/Customer and Product Details
Org Select the record to which the contract applies. Customer Contracts are listed in the Contract field on these records.
Product Supplier Contracts are listed on Product records
Service Select the Service to which this contract applies.
Support Calls Tick the box if the contract covers a number of pre-paid support calls.
Calls Left For a new contract, the number defaults from the Company Configuration record but you can override this value. When this contract is assigned to a customer, the number is set as the number of pre-paid support calls. It is then reduced as calls are logged against this contract.

Items Covered

The items covered by this contract can be accessed via the More link. It shows the record covered by the contract. If you update the contract, the items covered are automatically updated.items covered

More Contract Information

  • Extra Fields and Attachments (on the More link) can be added once the Contract has been created.
  • The Print button creates a printable form. The output can be customised using a Contract_Print form.
  • The Contract can be included on the ticket form.
  • Activities/Tasks can be added to Contracts.

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Importing Contracts


HotH has the ability to load external Contract data files directly into the databases. You can therefore download data from any existing databases and populate the HotH databases.

In addition, HotH also has the ability to export your Contracts data from the HotH database to a CSV file, which you can learn more about on the Exporting Contracts Guide.

The files to be imported must be flat files of comma-separated values. Each line in the text file represents a HotH record of a particular type. The first characters in each line indicate the type of record to be loaded. You should also note that special rules apply to some fields, please take advice from Support before loading new data type. You can use Import to execute a SQL string, but again please take advice from Support before doing this.

Note: Tickets and Notes are loaded into the current Ticket Folder. Any Contracts referenced in the Tickets should belong to the current Folder. Similarly, if you are importing Tickets to an archive Folder, the Tickets should have status ‘Closed’. HotH does not make these checks.

How to Import Files

In the WebServer, go to Import CSV from Settings.

import csv file page
Select the file to import records and click Import. If there are errors they will be listed. You need to review the errors. The error log is listed to the file suppdesk.errIf there are no errors you can navigate away.

Import Formats

Excel column headings are supplied below to assist with importing Contract Records. You do not need to supply data for every field, just enter those you need. (Though there are some validation rules, these are not documented here.)

Dates should be entered as DD/MM/YYYY for UK format and MM/DD/YYYY if US format is in use.

Contract Record – Type CO

A Code “CO”
B ID Numeric. Mandatory and sequential
C Contract Up to 25 characters
D Start date 10 characters (date)
E Expire date 10 characters (date)
F SLA Numeric
G Type Up to 16 characters
H Cost Numeric
I Archived Numeric
J Supp Contract Numeric
K Supplier Up to 40 characters
L Note Up to 2000 characters
M Date 10 characters (date)
N Flags Numeric
O Status Up to 32 characters
P Terms Up to 40 characters
Q Product Up to 40 characters
R Contact Up to 40 characters
S Customer Up to 40 characters
T Cost budget Numeric
U Name Up to 120 characters
V Calls left Numeric
W Budget code Up to 25 characters
X Notice days Numeric
Y Inventory Numeric
Z Assignee Numeric
AA Supp SLA Numeric
AB Org Numeric
AC Renewal date 10 characters (date)
AD Reminder date 10 characters (date)

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Exporting Contracts


You can export the current Contract databases into a named file. The output records have the same layout as the corresponding Import records. This is useful if you want to create an import file; create a ‘dummy’ record, populating the required fields with discernible text, such as REF in a reference field. The exported data can then be used as a template for the import layout.

How to Export Contracts

To export data, show the Contract records in the summary and filter the list as required.

In the WebServer, navigate to Finance > Contracts, then use the Export option in the Summary Options navigation bar; this will then offer the option to View the output. Now, you can open or save the file.

exporting tab on webserver

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