Your Company Settings

In the Your Company Settings menu you can enter identification details of your company. The company name and department fields appear at the top of reports and summaries produced by HotH. More importantly, you can set options for the system, and in particular, the ticket dialogue.

To access the Your Company Settings page, navigate to the Settings Cog > Your Company Settings:

Office Work Hours & Holidays

You can decide how HotH should calculate elapsed times. Choose a 56, or 7 day working week and define the number of working hours by declaring a Start and Stop Time for the working day. Elapsed times are calculated as the number of working days, hours, and minutes that have elapsed since the ticket was opened.


Configuration Section

Click here to read more about Resource Allocation.

Management Section

On Closing Ticket Section

Use the following two fields to specify actions when a ticket is closed:

Sales Opportunities Section

Automatic Reference Number Generation Section

automatic reference number generation section

Tick the boxes if references are to be generated automatically when creating the indicated records. Leave un-ticked if you want to enter a unique reference each time.

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