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Newbury Building Society Case Study

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House-on-the-Hill and Newbury Building Society have been friends since 2007, we go back a long way! We have always worked closely with Traci and the NBS team and it was great news when they decided to deploy onto the House-on-the-Hill Cloud Platform.

NBS initially started with an on-site system using a SQL database. The service desk team predominantly used the Windows application for the management of the tickets, with a browser self service portal for end users. Traci was keen to keep the software up to date, but it is sometimes very hard to do so when you are managing people and their workload.
The suggestion of ‘why not let us look after your platform, and let you have all the new toys, so that you can focus on the service delivery’ really struck a chord. We were all very excited about taking the existing data, upgrading and providing a fresh user experience. We took a patient approach, giving Traci and her team plenty of time to familiarise themselves with their new platform.

The plan was to take the current data and make sure that the service operated ‘like for like’ with a Phase 2 which introduces new processes such as change management. And then just to keep us on our toes, Traci asked if the weekend before Christmas could be used for the go-live transfer. This was no problem and we successfully deployed their new cloud service pain free over the weekend. A very satisfying outcome for everyone.

Traci kindly responded to a short questionnaire and here are her unadulterated words

1. What has been your experience of the transfer from on-site to hosted deployment?

With the support of the HotH Team this was a seamless transition as we were able to prepare and move over one weekend without any downtime which was a great success.

2. How has using HotH Service Management Software helped your company/organisation?

Users are very happy with the service and navigation and now have a complete view of their teams calls in addition to their own to help them managed their teams. Configurability, flexibility and trial system to help us understand the basics of new functionality is really helpful. Reporting provisioning is better than in the old on-premise solution.

3. What do you like most about HotH?

Great cultural fit for us, they work alongside the organisation and nothing is too much trouble. Happily, share their knowledge and experience on a practical level to ensure we get the desired outcome.

4. What would you say to others considering HotH?

The product is highly configurable and with the extensive knowledge of the HOTH team easy to implement. The teams at HOTH are very helpful and work with us to achieve our objectives in terms of transitioning to the cloud, upgrading to the latest version and continue to work us to embed new functionality to benefit our customers.

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