Why are organisations jumping to Self-Service and Automation?

September 18, 2020


This is where Self-Service and Automation becomes invaluable

The mass adoption of “Work From Home” due to the international pandemic has forced new challenges onto IT service teams. 
House-on-the-Hill has seen a migration from On-Premise solutions to our latest hosted platform and Self-Service Portals. 
This mass migration of end-users working from home, led to an influx of access requests, new issues and on-demand information materials. This is where Self-Service and Automation becomes invaluable.
By encouraging users to drive requests, actively research within a Knowledge Base and raise tickets, the workload on your service desk is alleviated.
Mundane repeatable tasks can be automated which free up your agents to focus on more challenging tasks. 

We want to make our House your Home

We understand that an organisation’s image is integral and deliver a seamless brand jump into the portal. 
Users are displayed with a suite of relatable interactions. “Create a ticket” for example. Clear and simple! 
Other simple tasks include checking on the status of their tickets, sending an update or even closing their own tickets. Perhaps they resolved their issue by researching the Knowledge Base themselves.
We provide a large Google style search bar that allows users to look up related articles and service requests. Other features of our portals include:


Image of new user friendly portal


. Live Service Portfolio updates
. Live Bulletin / Newsfeed
. Kanban (Trello Style)
. Timeline
. House Chat! 

Service Requests & Automation

The key to a slick service desk is automation. Behind every service request we allow you to pre-define categories, assign it to the correct team, generate email notifications and raise associate Change Requests.
AND as of this summer 2020 we now allow easy email routing and automation all from within the platform. Hook up your mailbox, choose your keywords and watch the tickets magically get created with pre-populate fields. Such as Type, Status, Priority and Assignee.
House-on-the-Hill comes with a suite of Service Requests out of the box. 

. New Starter 
. Leaver
. Book a Holiday
. Equipment Requests
. Facilities issue
. Password reset
. To name a few!

So to sum it up, we believe email and service request automation, beautifully branded portals, a comprehensive Knowledge Base and Chat will see your end-users self-serving their way into the future. 
Allowing your agents to drive new innovations and allow your service to organically modernise.

If your portal needs a refresh or you would like more information, please get in touch by contacting PeterBroadhead@houseonthehill.com

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