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Trailblazing Together: House on the Hill’s 2023 Recap and What’s Ahead in 2024

Trailblazing Together

At House on the Hill, our vision is to become a household name by helping organisations exceed customer expectations through super-charged service delivery.

Current Initiatives – Work in Progress:

  • Multi-departmental (ESM) Enhancements: Continual improvements to enhance the ability of to support multiple departments and services seamlessly.
  • UX & Accessibility Enhancements: Improving the House on the Hill interface to enhance usability for all users, ensuring an inclusive and user-friendly experience.
  • Self-Help Enhancements & Automations: Implementing improvements to automated self-help articles within the portal. Make troubleshooting and issue resolution more efficient for end-users.
  • AI / Chat Bot: Integrating AI into our improvement process. The account management team will unveil details on how AI will seamlessly integrate with your service desk, bringing efficiency and innovation.

Ongoing Improvements:

  • The Feedback Centre: Continuously improving customer experience through iterative feedback loops. Adapting to constant changes and ensuring the service remains fresh to keep customers satisfied.

Future Enhancements – Our 2024 To-Do List:

  • MS Teams Telephony: Enabling hands-free ticket creation in House on the Hill from inbound MS Teams phone calls, streamlining communication channels.
  • MS Teams Self-Service Portal: Allowing users to view their portal within MS Teams, creating a unified and streamlined experience for efficient collaboration and support.
  • ChatGPT Integration: Integrating ChatGPT to enhance conversational capabilities and provide users with an intelligent and interactive support experience.
  • Native House on the Hill App:  Based on the existing CAFM mobile interface we are developing and launching a native mobile application for all products.
  • Walk-Up Experience: Introduce a Walk-Up Experience, allowing users to schedule sessions with the service desk team for in-person resolutions, adding a personalised touch to support.

Our commitment to continuous improvement can be seen in our proactive approach to service delivery. By embracing innovation and consistently seeking new ways to enhance our offerings, we demonstrate a dedication to exceeding expectations and setting new industry standards. Our ongoing initiatives reflect our deep-rooted passion for excellence.  We strive to provide our client with unparalleled service delivery, customer satisfaction and push boundaries and strive for greatness.

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